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I belong to a group of people who are in the state of finding ways on how to expand the business.

Our team leader is a call center agent who I admire because of his dream on making the business big. He talks a lot about putting satellite offices in many parts of Cebu and the country.

Everytime we talk, he talks over and over picturing things that would happen in the business. Deep inside me while he's talking those dreams, "I ask myself can we achieved these?" That kind of venture takes lot of money to spend. He even has a drained energy when he comes to our office because of the nature of his job. So time would also be a factor if we really want to expand.

But when I gradually know him and the team, I found out that his faith to God is strong. Aside from those visions, what is also coming out from his mouth is God. He prays for our business and for the team. Thus, it is easier for me to object if I think there is something wrong with the ways how the business is run because I knew that he is a good person - a christian.

The team is a good listener and is open-mind, when someone wants to discuss about an issue or any matter concerning the business they listen and willing to help.

They welcome new ideas and concepts to see if it can help the business. Through this, I was able to introduce and recommend Internet Marketing to the group. In fact, I'm the one who has many questions and objections on our business [ just want to clarify and want the business run through ethical ways ].

What is our Business?

In the last month of the year 2016 we came up with combining three network marketing business, a coop-network marketing, an E-Loading Business and supplements into one. The fusion of these opportunities is to give an affordable entry if someone wants to avail the three. But in my opinion it is better to stick to one business opportunity that is ok to you; that you think you can be good; that is inline with your hobby or passion.

We know Network Marketing has a bad reputation but understanding what makes it in a bad image will help us to find solutions that are ethical as replacement to the things that had made it bad.

We encourage you to focus on the positive side of this business model. You can be a leader. You meet a lot of people with different backgrounds and stories. You will have a greater experience if you have limited business knowledge. You will learn.

For now, if you are in Cebu, We invite you to come to our office to see if one of our business opportunities fits your lifestyle and your passion. You are encouraged to object and ask questions regarding the business opportunities. We are open-minded people. We don't hype people because what we do here is becoming extremely flexible and creative in our marketing and sales approach. You can put your own outside the box creative thinking into the business. Wag Lang Hype!

If you are interested call/text me on this number 09096193442

Our Team's office is at the back of Jollibee in between of Gorordo avenue and Gen. Maxilom avenue, 2nd Floor room 204, Leocadia arcade. See the arrow pointing to the building, that's where our office is at the second floor named Goldlife.

See the red arrow, it points to the entrance of the building where our office is located. just tell the guard you want to go to GoldLife office. 0pens 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm daily.

I highly recommend this Coop because of their long-term goal and their commitment for business. Watch the video:

I invite you to talk with us and come to our office or directly to SECCO's office to see how are we making strategies to expand and explode. 

Call me on this number 09096193442. You can visit SECCO's website here

To your success,
Flor Dennis "Denden" Mangubat