Friday, February 1, 2019

Why Going Digital Is the Future of the Philippine Real Estate Industry

Did you know that real estate is regarded among the country’s last remaining offline-focused industry? For one, you still see agents in public places distributing flyers to people who are yet to realize their need to invest in a property. Big companies still employ salespeople to sit down with a potential buyer and use charm to actually get him or her to buy a condominium. With this insight, you can say the human person is still a more effective seller than a computer. However, industry experts say going digital is, indeed, the future of the Philippine real estate industry.

Powerful property portals

First, let’s get this straight: going digital does not mean completely replacing the human person with computers and robots. The latter could imitate and try but would never be able to do that seamlessly. It just means maximizing what technology offers to each and every one today - the unlimited data and resources, convenience, and speed. Particularly in the real estate industry, going digital translates to the property portals that make everything easier to today’s investors. With just a few clicks, property portals can present a thorough comparison between units and influence the buyer’s decision in less than an hour.

The millennial market

Last year, one property portal revealed in a press briefing that it got over a million visits in 2 consecutive months. This clearly shows people turn to the internet when they want to invest in a property or buy a new house. Why? Because it is the Millennials who are buying properties today. They have jobs to afford it and they turn to the Internet to help themselves decide after seeing ample data.

While most property portal visitors are merely window-shopping, the next thing they do is speak to a sales agent once ready to purchase a property. They’ve already seen and read everything by this time. The smart millennial market has already analyzed sufficient data for them to proceed to the next step. This makes technology a gift to both the buyer and seller or property developer. Pressure is just on the latter to rise up in the competition by being the best when it comes to digital.

Digital is the future

By going digital, property developers are not only able to present a number of options and comparisons to its target market. More importantly, it is able to maximize the power of marketing. Going digital enables property developers to reach potential buyers where they spend most of their time - online, on their social media accounts. With a few strategic combinations of words, the potential buyer’s attention is caught and now convinced he or she must invest, now. This is where the magic starts.

Another reason property investors today love digital listings is the lack of pressure. They can go and say yes whenever they are ready. There is no person in from of them influencing their judgment and demanding an instant decision. They get what they want when they are ready because they are relaxed and everything is well thought out. The risk is low as well as the chance of regret, if not none at all.

The list goes on and on

Continue putting yourself in the buyer or investor’s shoes. When you turn online and go digital in your search for the perfect investment, you feel you are deciding based on facts. Statistics are available everywhere and you get to study and really understand them before you arrive at a decision that would change your life. You can do this at any place and at any time. This makes you feel smart and confident.

Filipinos today are becoming smarter every day. Instead of hating technology, they adapt to it and embrace the transitioning to digital. They understand this is an advantage and not something to fear, hate, or ignore. This is the right attitude and property developers should understand that going digital is, indeed, the future of the Philippine real estate. Digital marketing is the key to reach buyers, bring them to a cohesive property portal, and with truthful data, help them arrive at the best decision.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lamudi Puts the Spotlight on Outstanding Real Estate Brokers with Awards Night

On its third year, Lamudi, the number one online real estate platform in the Philippines, is celebrating the exemplary work of Certified Lamudi Partner brokers and agents through the Lamudi Broker Awards Night happening on February 21, 2019, at Makati Shangri-La.

 Appreciating and recognizing talent

“The Lamudi Broker Awards Night is our way to show appreciation to our most successful partners who not only grew alongside the company but helped Lamudi reach great heights in the real estate industry,” says Gilles Hage, Lamudi’s VP for Commercial Strategy

 The Lamudi Broker Awards Night started in 2017 to recognize the most active, professional, and successful brokers in the industry.

 Apart from the awarding ceremony, the gala will also serve as an opportunity for discussion and knowledge sharing with a leading voice in the industry addressing the present real estate landscape of the country.


The awards to be given during the February 21 awards ceremony are categorized into three: Individual, Company, and Special awards. They are the following:


  • Most Leads Generated
  • Most Number of Listings Uploaded
  • Most Responsive
  • Top Trained
  • Broker of the Year for Luzon
  • Broker of the Year - for Visayas and Mindanao
  • Loyalty Award        


  • Most Leads Generated
  • Most Number of Listings Uploaded
  • Most Responsive
  • Brokerage of the Year for Luzon
  • Brokerage of the Year for Visayas and Mindanao
  • Loyalty Award  

Special Awards:

  • Lamudi Broker Influencer
  • Lamudi Partner Success Story of the Year 
  • People's Choice
  • Lamudi Partner of the Year 
  • Lamudi Broker Ambassador
  • New Broker Award

“Real estate brokerage is more than just about selling houses; it’s about ensuring that accomplishing your work involves honesty, loyalty, and professionalism. Through the Lamudi Brokers Awards, we want to show real estate professionals that we value and appreciate these qualities,” Lamudi CEO Bhavna Suresh Chathambeth explained.

For more information, visit the Lamudi Broker Awards Night website. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Why Having a Killer Business Card Makes You a Better Real Estate Agent

A business card is an essential tool any business owner or agent should use. This will be the first impression that you can get from your potential customer. When you hand out a well-made business card, it will make the person receiving it look up to you or see you as a trustworthy and good businessman. Make sure that the first impression that you give to your client is excellent. So, let us discuss why having a killer business card makes you a better real estate agent.


The way you brand yourself should set you apart from your competitors. Your business card should show what you do and how you do it. If you want to put a headshot on your business card, always use professionally-taken photos that are correctly made. But, if you do not want to spend too much for your photo, you could look for networking events that have photo booths where you could get your picture taken as part of the event. This event should also serve as a time for you to get a more extensive network. If you are an agent of Tagaytay Highlands, you should be able to follow the branding of the company. Other than your photo, you also need to create a logo for your business. This is something that can help people remember you. Your logo should also be well-made and unique so as to stand out in the industry full of other great professionals. Lastly, your business card should also have a tagline. This tagline should be able to tell what your business is and why you are different from other companies. Therefore, make sure that your business card shows the actual branding of your company, a professional and reliable business.

For referrals

The power of referrals is what makes a business. A lot of sales agents think that the last step with a client is closing a deal. But, that is incorrect. The final step that a client should do for you is to refer you to their friends and family. So, giving your business card to your client could help them remember you whenever their friends or family members are talking about buying a house. Other than your clients, you should always give out business cards constantly to your close friends and immediate family. They are the ones who would freely talk about you whenever real estate topics are discussed. So, they should always have your business card with them so they can pass it out to other people too. This way could create more inbound referrals than any other way. Always have your business card with you.


Real estate business cards are a necessity to grow and survive in the industry. This is one of the best and most useful tools that any real estate agent can use to help their company. This is also the first impression that you are going to give your potential customer which is why it should be made appropriately. It can be made by either a professional graphic artist or yourself as long as it is neat and has a clear and concise message.

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Guest Post:

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about Digital Marketing. He believes in others’ abilities and tends to bring out people’s hidden potentials through his words of inspirations and motivational articles.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Lamudi Pushes for Online Real Estate Marketing Education with Training Program

Lamudi, the number one online real estate platform in the Philippines, is urging real estate brokers to master online real estate marketing through its Lamudi Academy. The company launched the training program earlier this year with the aim to help real estate professionals reach their digital-savvy market.

Bridging the gap

“We aim to cater to the growing number of real estate brokers who want to upgrade their skills in a digitally-driven market. Through our courses, we hope to bridge the gap between brokers and their client on the digital platform,” explained Nadine Pacis, Lamudi's current Learning and Development Specialist.

Lamudi Academy started as simple training seminars on digital lead generation, with the first boot camp held in Makati City last 2015. These sessions were conducted in hotels with 60 to 80 real estate brokers as attendees. Training boot camps were soon brought to Mandaluyong and Quezon City, as well as in Cebu in 2016.

Lamudi Academy now offers six comprehensive courses that cater to three different levels, with emphasis on online real estate marketing techniques for property buyers.

Top Online Lead Generation Channels 

This is a basic course that introduces the most popular online lead generation channels in the market. Brokers will understand the pros and cons of using each lead generation channel and how to maximize each channel. Lessons cover all existing online channels in the Philippines, including the Lamudi platform.

The Power of Lamudi

This course will help brokers understand the Lamudi online property portal. Lessons include guidelines in posting property listings and available Lamudi tools that will help convert leads into sales.

Converting Online Leads into sales

This is an advanced course that will teach brokers steps in increasing the chances of lead conversion. Using CRM (customer relations management) tools, brokers will learn how to be efficient in managing their leads and stay on top of mind while waiting for the buyer to make a decision. This course requires attendance to basic level courses.

Improving Online Marketing Strategy

This is another advanced level course that aims to help brokers improve their content and communication approaches by identifying common errors and exploring different techniques to determine best practices. This course also requires attendance to basic level courses.

Digital Trends 2018

This is an expert level course that gives comprehensive and updated information about the status of internet usage in the Philippines. Brokers will benefit greatly from knowing how the real estate industry looks from a buyer's perspective. This course requires attendance to both basic and advanced level courses.

Understanding the Market

This is another expert level course that gives insider information on the most in-demand property locations. This course will help brokers understand the demographics of the market and be updated of the hottest and latest developments in the real estate industry. This course also requires attendance to both basic and advanced level courses.

Lamudi Academy's basic courses are offered for free, while other course fees range from Php 1,000–1,200. At the end of each session, brokers will have an in-depth understanding of how online marketing works and the different real estate platforms available to them.

Training courses are conducted weekly every Wednesday and Thursday.

Lamudi's commitment to the industry

As part of Lamudi's continued commitment to support the real estate industry, Lamudi Academy aims to broaden the reach of their courses to a wider clientele of real estate professionals.

“We hope to make our courses more available and accessible to property brokers and will continue to develop training modules that will give brokers current and relevant information,” Pacis said.

For more information on course schedules and how to avail these courses, visit the Lamudi Academy website. Stay up-to-date and get the latest real estate tips, news, and trends by liking and following Lamudi Academy’s Facebook page.

Jessie Timothy L. Carpio II
Marketing Associate
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

5 Reasons Why Your Executive Team Should Consider Knowledge-Sharing

“The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds."
~ John F. Kennedy

Gaining information and knowledge is easier than it has ever been. Yet, despite having infinite sources of information at the tip of our hands, a personal conversation is still the best way to build trust, strengthen relationships and share knowledge.

By attending knowledge-sharing dinner discussions, executives can explore challenges with individuals of their same seniority who may be facing similar challenges in different sectors. However, it is not very often that executives are invited to speak in a neutral and pitch-free environment without logos, merchandising or big lights.

This is when companies like The Ortus Club become extremely useful. Hosting executive knowledge-sharing discussions around the world for senior peers across various sectors, Ortus encourages decision makers to challenge each other to thought-provoking discourse.

As brilliant minds are brought together, focusing on sharing solutions with each other, not only do they shape their skills as decision-makers but also develop a knowledge-sharing culture to pass onto their teams.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hosting or attending executive knowledge sharing discussions:

1. Because they are neutral and pitch-free

In order to maintain the focus on the conversation, discussions are hosted in neutral environments where guests are not pitched to by sales teams, brokers or recruiters. Any merchandising or long monologues is normally left out of the room. Of course, the avenue for possible collaborations can exist amongst participants but this should be discussed on a separate occasion.

2. Because attendees’ seniority is matched

Intimate knowledge-sharing events work best when all participants are of similar job titles and similarly sized companies. This guarantees relevant and thought-provoking discussions being raised based on the wealth of experience of each attendee.

3. Because confidentiality is respected

Everything discussed stays behind closed doors. Being in a room where executives are free to voice their thoughts and ideas without worrying about their words being published or recorded is very rare in traditional networking events. Respecting confidentiality means thoughts and questions raised are more honest and constructive than at average occasions.

 4. Because it promotes innovation and growth

The purpose of knowledge-sharing is to gain intellectual capital while developing trust with other participants. Embracing different perspectives and having a group of experienced leaders share knowledge and reflect collaboratively, is an opportunity we rarely stumbled upon.

5. Because the focus is kept on the topic

All participants are committed to dedicate their whole attention towards discussing the specific topic for the duration of the event. A neutral moderator is often invited to help maintain the agenda and ensure that the conversation does not shift towards other topics.

As Jessica Circi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Ortus Club, said “In a world where people measure their influence, success and experience by the number of connections on their LinkedIn accounts, having meaningful conversations in person has become a treasured opportunity to establish trust.”

Guest Post:

The Ortus Club runs executive knowledge-sharing discussions. We provide a neutral, pitch-free environment focused on creating a relaxed atmosphere for senior decision makers to come together and share their experiences on specific topics.

Friday, July 27, 2018

4 Factors Explaining the Importance of SEO to Every Business

Being in the business industry, you probably have heard SEO many times, of how it was able to convert prospects into leads and purchasing customers. And so as a small business owner, you wondered then, “Should I be concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?”

Will it drive your business success as it did to those who invested? How effective can it be?

The job of the search engine is to take the searches (those terms typed into browsers) of every user and locate the best possible answers to that query. If you are engaging in SEO, then you can’t be found by prospects on the results page, and those found on the top results are likely to be your business competition. And so, if you haven’t invested yet on SEO, you are missing out A LOT. As you decide to utilize search engine marketing, you are staying competitive with that competition of yours by getting your brand known to prospects.

Also, you shouldn’t worry that it would cost you so much, especially if you’re running a local business. We have affordable SEO services here in the Philippines. In fact, a lot of international companies even outsource to SEO agencies in the country since it’s way cheaper compared to other regions.

Excellent User Experience

Search Engine Optimization is ultimately about providing the user with the best experience possible. Search engines want to give the searchers what they are looking for, and when it can do that, both parties become happy. Happy visitors will become returning visitors.

Optimal Reach

Audience unconsciously trusts the search engine results. If Google places Juan’s restaurant page in the top spot of the search, then that eatery must have earned that spot, and it must be good. Users then would tell his friends on social media like Facebook and Twitter that he’s going to Juan’s restaurant and invites them, giving the link to them to click as well. It works pretty fast, and before you even know it, a dozen teenagers will show up at Juan’s restaurant! Why? Because the search engine matched everything right, and it all pointed to that business. Amazing, right?

High Conversion

Digital marketing which includes SEO strategies attracts individuals who are already looking for your product and service. No screaming, no dancing, no wearing of cool clothes to gain the attention of the audience. In SEO, you are bound to connect to an audience who already knew their needs which is why they’ve gone searching on browsers in the first place. No need for payment to earn a bold print ad placed in the magazine. What you only need to do is present yourself among those top five results (that’s through the help of a trusted digital marketing agency) and – voila! You’ll reach people who were looking for you. Yes, you still need to convince them that you are the better company than the other, but half of your battle is over. When they clicked to your website, and you have good contents to show (precisely what they are looking for), then you’re on your way to gaining a new business customer just like that.

Proper Customer Insight

Having a well-optimized site increases your search engine visibility, usability, and credibility, -factors needed to increase traffic to your website. Now that you enjoy a more significant number of visitors, Google Analytics (every site should have this set up) can track relevant information about your audience. It will provide data of what browsers and keywords your visitors use to find you. It will even show you their location and the times they are most active, how much time they spent on your page, their bounce rate, and much more valuable information. These all will help you know more about your target market, boost your marketing, and identify strategies based on facts rather than just guesses. The better you know your market, the better the products, and services you can provide to them.

Guest Post:

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about Digital Marketing. He believes in others’ abilities and tends to bring out people’s hidden potentials through his words of inspirations and motivational articles.

Friday, September 8, 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: Filipino and the Internet

INFOGRAPHIC: Filipino and the Internet
" If your business is not online then your business will be out of business." - Bill Gates.

No small company is too small to participate and compete with much larger companies in the field of business. Unlike before, the well established companies with their resources  can easily prohibit small competitors to enter the field and put away in the scene because they can pay huge amount of money through expensive TV ads, gigantic billboards etc. Thus, put startups in extinction.

But the era that we live now favors the small and medium companies especially people who have entrepreneurial skills.

The internet has democratized the business scene with low cost automated marketing solutions and gives us the freedom to access the worldwide market.

And one of the most effective marketing methods that's unbeaten is email marketing that can help you build rapport to your subscribers and later on convert them into loyal happy customers.

As of 2017, there are already 3.8 billion internet users in the world and is still growing by 8% year-on-year. These people can be your clients. You have to remind them that you exist.

In the Philippines, 58% of the total population have access to the internet. A report said that Filipino users grown by 27% and 38% of all web traffic came from mobile devices.

Source: Apex Global Learning

It is now time to have an online presence because people are online and you have to constantly remind them about your business.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tips When Starting a Small Business in the Philippines

Most Filipinos dream of financial independence, maybe more than owning their own home or buying a shiny car. But, while most Filipinos already have a business idea or interest with franchising lurking at the back of their minds, they are hesitant to start it.

To give you a little push, here are some tips you can follow when starting a business in the Philippines.

  • Do your research.

      No matter how brilliant your business idea is, you still need to do your research. First and foremost, is there a demand for your product or service? Conduct a competitor analysis to determine the key players in the industry and who you’re going up against.

  • Create a solid business plan.

      Once you’ve done your research, create a feasibility study or business plan to outline how you’re going to do your business.
A business plan will help you determine everything you need in running your business such as an office or storefront, computers and equipment, internet and broadband connection,

  • Get your funds in order.

      Whether you’re going to use your hard-earned savings or get a loan from banks or family members, it’s important to get your funds in order before starting your business. This will help you gauge the budget you’re going to be working with in the beginning.
Consider two types of funding: your pre-operating funds and working capital. The pre-operational funds will cover site renovations, equipment, initial inventory, permits and licenses, and other startup costs. Meanwhile, your working capital should cover the first six months of operation including rent, salaries, utilities, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses.

  • Complete the necessary paperwork.

     Once you’re decided and prepared to start your business, it’s time to complete the necessary paperwork and legalities. This includes business registrations and permits, local business license, BIR or SEC registration, DOLE registration, and other pertinent government requirements.

  • Partner up trustworthy people.

      Getting friends or family members to partner up with you is a great way to subsidize funding and capital. However, make sure that you trust the people you’re teaming up with.
Business and money matters is a common cause of rifts and conflicts. Ask anyone.

  • Network with other businesses and entrepreneurs.

      Join social networking groups, associations, and other relevant entities to increase your network and get ideas and advice from experts and experienced businessmen. It’s a great way to market your brand as well.

  • Nurture your relationships with suppliers and customers.

      Nurturing relationships is important in any business endeavor. Be professional at all times, especially when dealing with customers or suppliers.
In business, every relationship you make is beneficial. Sure, you can’t please everybody, but at least try.

Start your business now!

Turn your dreams into a reality by starting the business that you’ve always wanted. Calculate the risks carefully and make sure to devote the necessary time and effort for your business to succeed.

Good luck and have fun!

Guest Post: Rocky of EnterPH - an emerging name in the field of business consultancy, specializing in investor relations and helping companies conveniently establish an enterprise in the Philippines. Founded by a seasoned corporate lawyer, a renowned business development consultant who also practices corporate law, and a maven in consular affairs and entrepreneurship.